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Overhead Crane By Types

Overhead Crane By Types

Dongqi Group supply many types of overhead cranes for different working condition and industries.

Overhead crane by tons

Overhead Crane By Tons

From 0.5t to 500 tons Overhead Cranes are listed here. Click to find the crane you want.

Overhead crane by girders

Overhead Crane By Girders

Overhead cranes are divided single girder bridge cranes and double girder overhead cranes here.

Top Overhead Crane Solution Supplier - Dongqi Group

Dongqi Group

As a Sino-New Zealand joint venture, HENAN DONGQI MACHINERY CO., LTD known as DQCRANES is an enterprise established on advanced European technology research and development, which has its own research and development laboratories and brings innovation to the design and production of nonstandard cranes, hoists, and other lifting equipment, meeting all kinds of material handling requirements of various industries. DQCRANES is committed to providing best customized crane services to each of our clients with high technology and economic index. More+


Overhead Crane Design

Customized cranes from 0.5t to 550t cranes and hoists.

Overhead Crane Manufacture

30+ years crane products manufacture experience.

Overhead Crane Delivery

Strong logistics team to ensure ontime delivery.

Overhead Crane Installation

Our engineers are avaiable to install cranes overseas.

Crane Operator Training

Free crane operators training for our customers.

Overhead Crane Parts Support

All crane parts supply to fit your crane requirements.


Double Girder Ladle Overhead Crane Installation and Commissioing in Algeria

In January, 2017, DQCRANE start the trip to Algeria for cran

5 Sets Explosion-proof Overhead Cranes to American Customer

Explosion-proof overhead crane to our customer is the single

Maldives 5 tons Overhead Crane Installation for Fuels Boats Maintenance

Mr. Oscar flew with his technical team to Male city, Maldive